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New Internet Summit Seen As Instrumental to Military Transformation Technologies

Event Designed to Establish Key Partnerships between Military & Industry

SANTA MONICA, CA (DECEMBER 3, 2004) -- IPv6 Summit, Inc., announced today that Dr. Linton Wells, Deputy Secretary of Defense, joins the “Four Fathers of the Internet” at the premier New Internet conference, the U.S. IPv6 Summit 2004. The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA, on December 8-10 (www.usipv6.com).
As Chief Information Officer of the Department of Defense, Dr. Wells has a profound understanding of IPv6, a transformational technology that the Pentagon sees as crucial to Net Centric Warfare and battlefield intelligence sharing. Dr. Wells is joined at the conference by all four “Fathers of the Internet” – Drs. Vinton Cerf, Lawrence Roberts, Robert Kahn and Leonard Kleinrock – offering attendees a very rare and exciting opportunity to gain a glimpse of the future Internet’s trajectory from the giants who set it in motion thirty years ago.
Dr. Cerf and Dr. Kahn are the co-designers of the TCP/IP protocol and the architecture of the Internet. Dr. Kleinrock led the team at UCLA that physically designed the Internet interface, designed much of the system basics, and sent the first message in 1969. Dr. Roberts was the DARPA executive who masterminded the development and funded the entire Internet effort in its early days, personally requiring that those his funded share their computing cycles and thereby indirectly engendering trillions of dollars worth of shared information technology that changed the world. All four leaders are actively involved in promoting the New Internet, which has features not included 30 years ago, such as inherent security and mobility features, quality of service controls, and much greater addressing and multimedia capabilities. It is because of these vital improvements that the U.S. Department of Defense (and other Ministries of Defense and foreign governments) have mandated a near-term transition to the New Internet (formally called the Internet Protocol version 6, or IPv6) from the existing multitude of analog and original Internet protocols (IPv4, in use since 1973) and devices, a huge effort that will be outlined and explained in detail at the Summit.
Dr. Charles Lynch, Chief of the DoD IPv6 Transition Office, will also be a keynote presenter and will describe a host of new programs that the DoD is releasing and supporting to accelerate IPv6 adoption throughout the military. In addition to presenting at the Summit, Dr. Lynch will also meet with civilian IT leaders to discuss a new in-depth partnership between government and industry, and will host internal coordination meetings of military departments and government CIOs. Additional speakers – from DISA, other military and government groups, and international companies and research groups – are listed on the website.
The conference will be a major opportunity to meet and partner with world-class corporate leaders that fully support the new standard. Sponsors of the event now include Spirent Federal, Juniper Nokia, Nortel Networks, SI International, Sprint, Booz Allen Hamilton, IP Infusion, Northrop Grumman, NTT Verio, Lucent, ClearSight, Interpeak, Green Hills, NextHop, Hexago, Houston Associates, Native6, Charmed Technology, Agilent Technologies, Sunset Learning, WareOnEarth and Foundry Networks. “Coming to the U.S. IPv6 Summit is the best way we know of to see the future of the Internet right now,” said Alex Lightman, IPv6 Summit Chairman. “There isn’t any other event in the U.S. or the world where this kind of New Internet star power is concentrated. Business leaders will get a sense of the potential ROI from IPv6, both from listening to the presenters and from the chance to get close to cutting-edge products and applications – for both government and civilian use -- in the exhibit hall. The quality of speakers and content is extremely high and access to military and government decision makers is unprecedented. Our attendee costs are extremely low thanks to the support of our forward-thinking sponsors, who deserve the wide niches they will carve out in the upcoming new business segments,” Lightman noted.
Global interest in the New Internet has been booming, because of its dramatic improvements in security and multimedia transmission, support of Internet-enabled defense systems and consumer electronics (including wireless and mobile gaming capabilities) and support by major vendors such as Microsoft, Intel and Sony. The theme for this conference is Making the National Transition to IPv6 – this will be illustrated by presentations on new business opportunities for the New Internet, practical case studies and applications, and successful transition strategies. To achieve all this, the Summit includes three days of presentations and panels, as well as an optional full-day of tutorials and Internet Security presentations. At the request of the U.S. Department of Defense, IPv6 Summit, Inc., has extended the Early Bird discount for the Summit -- registration is available online at http://www.usipv6.com.

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