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North American IPv6 Summit 2004 Scheduled for Santa Monica

Summit to Focus on New Generation Applications and Content Delivery

SANTA MONICA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/09/2004 -- The North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF) announced today that the North American IPv6 Summit 2004 will be held June 14 - 17, 2004 at the Loews Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, CA, with an IPv6 Exposition and Demo Area open from June 14 - 16. The North American IPv6 Summit 2004 will gather the most innovative and influential leaders from the global Internet community to discuss strategic and deployment issues related to the next generation Internet protocol, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Registration for the summit is open and available online at

The primary theme of the North American IPv6 Summit 2004 is IPv6 applications and content delivery. The secondary theme is the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Commerce (DoC) efforts and direction with IPv6. The North American IPv6 Task Force developed an agenda to strongly support these themes. Listening to the sessions on the agenda, the attendees of the summit will benefit by becoming educated about IPv6 and obtaining core knowledge about IPv6. They will leave the summit with the information to influence their peers and the knowledge to think about how to put IPv6 to work in their respective organizations. Highlights of the agenda include, stellar keynote speakers, new panels and thought provoking presentations.

Stellar Keynote Speakers:

  • Tom Mayhew, a senior director with Oracle Corporation's Technology Business Unit, currently serving as the senior Enterprise Solution
  • Architect for Oracle's customers in the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Vinton G. Cerf, senior vice president of Technology Strategy for MCI
  • Douglas Maughn, program manager, Cyber Security R&D, Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate, Homeland Security
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency

New Panels:

  • 3G and GPRS IPv6 Panel and Discussion chaired by John Loughney of Nokia
  • Applications and Content Delivery IPv6 Panel and Discussion chaired by Junaid Islam of Pegasys Global Partners and Leigh Huang of Microsoft
  • DoD Contractor IPv6 Panel and Discussion chaired by Terry Davis of Boeing

Thought Provoking Presentation Topics:

  • IPv6 Features and Benefits
  • IPv6 Applications and Content Delivery
  • IPv6 Wireless and Mobile Networking
  • IPv6 to support Net-Centric Operations Paradigm Shift
  • State of IPv6 Government, Industry, and Standards Evolution

"The North American IPv6 Summit mission is to support the Department of Defense and the technology required to support the war-fighter, IPv6 evolution next steps, and IPv6 coexistence with current legacy Internet technology," said Jim Bound, chair of the North American IPv6 Task Force and chair of the IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate. "IPv6 provides operational benefits to the Department of Defense and private enterprise that are not available with the current Internet technology."

"IPv6 is like gravity, it's an irresistible force," said Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum President. "Join this force and become a pioneer in this global undertaking."

The North American IPv6 Summit 2004 follows on the success of the U.S. IPv6 Summit 2003, where attendance and sponsorship both increased 40% since the summit held six months prior in San Diego. Based on past growth, the North American IPv6 Summit 2004 is expected to attract 600 people, including network engineers, IT and entertainment executives, DoD contractors, and DoD and DoC personnel.

Santa Monica was chosen as the location of the North American IPv6 Summit 2004 because of the city's proximity to the four areas of strategic importance to the adoption of IPv6: large aerospace contractors, the entertainment industry, national television news crews, and universities, including the University of California and California State University.

"We are looking forward to bringing the IPv6 community together this summer in Santa Monica, a city that attracts leading innovators at the edge of the computer, Internet, content, aerospace and media industries, and a beautiful and fun place to visit," said Alex Lightman, organizer and chairman of the North American IPv6 Summit 2004 and marketing director of the North American IPv6 Task Force.

Charmed Technology, Hewlett-Packard, Native6 Inc., and Hexago are the first sponsors of the North American IPv6 Summit 2004. To become a sponsor of the North American IPv6 Summit 2004, please contact Leah Thompson (310) 260-4887, or

Members of the media and industry analysts receive complementary registration by contacting Joya Subudhi at (804) 521-4431, or

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IPv6 Summit, Inc. is the leading provider of international event management services for the IPv6 industry. The company provides world class event management for the North American IPv6 Summit 2004, the premier event for the world IPv6 community, providing an international forum for advancing the development and implementation of next generation Internet networks, technologies, applications and policies. IPv6 Summit, Inc. produced the U.S. IPv6 Summit 2003, the North American IPv6 Summit 2003, and IPv6 Day at 2004 International CES. IPv6 Summit, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit

About the IPv6 Forum

The IPv6 Forum is a world-wide consortium of over 160 leading Internet service vendors, National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) and international ISPs, with a clear mission to promote IPv6 by improving market and user awareness, creating a quality and secure New Generation Internet and allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology. The key focus of the IPv6 Forum today is to provide technical guidance for the deployment of IPv6. IPv6 Summits are hosted by the IPv6 Forum and staged in various locations around the world to provide industry and market with the best available information on this rapidly advancing technology.

About the North American IPv6 Task Force

The North American IPv6 Task Force is an all-volunteer non-vendor/service/provider or other entity interest with the IPv6 mission of assisting the North American geography as sub task force of the IPv6 Forum for Deployment, Education, Awareness, Technical Analysis/Direction, Transition Analysis, Political/Business/Economic/Social analysis support, and other efforts as required. The members see IPv6 as more important than their own self-interests.

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